Strangest travel experience?

Magic Mushrooms, Amsterdam. One word… Weird.

Best place you've had sex?

Hands down, Blue Lagoon, Iceland.

Number one place on your bucket list?

AYAHUASCA RETREAT (Iquitos, Peru): There’s a reason people pay big bucks to puke and s*** their brains out for a week in the Amazon Rain Forest. My spiritual curiosity has been crying out for this trip for ages!

Scariest life experience?

Day after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, I woke up completely blind. I’d lost my shades and sun lotion during the hike and wasn’t warned about snow-blindness. After screaming from the tent I was debriefed and before long, I could see my severely blistered face. Ouch!

My experience with an Egyptian drug dealer comes a close second. Machetes eh?!

Most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten?

Camel. I mean, I’ve eaten most of the ‘standard’ weird s*** like cockroaches, snails, crocodile and kangaroo… but after riding some poor camel’s back for an hour or so through the desert during a Moroccan excursion – I felt pretty weird (and bloody guilty) for stopping off and eating my transporters cousin in a camel and couscous dish.