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Founder and editor of Lads Holiday Guide, a part-time blogger, freelance graphic designer, video editor, web developer and SEO geek.

Strangest travel experience?

Magic Mushrooms, Amsterdam. One word… Weird.

Best place you've had sex?

Hands down, Blue Lagoon, Iceland.

Number one place on your bucket list?

AYAHUASCA RETREAT (Iquitos, Peru): There’s a reason people pay big bucks to puke and s*** their brains out for a week in the Amazon Rain Forest. My spiritual curiosity has been crying out for this trip for ages!

Scariest life experience?

Day after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, I woke up completely blind. I’d lost my shades and sun lotion during the hike and wasn’t warned about snow-blindness. After screaming from the tent I was debriefed and before long, I could see my severely blistered face. Ouch!

My experience with an Egyptian drug dealer comes a close second. Machetes eh?!

Most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten?

Camel. I mean, I’ve eaten most of the ‘standard’ weird s*** like cockroaches, snails, crocodile and kangaroo… but after riding some poor camel’s back for an hour or so through the desert during a Moroccan excursion – I felt pretty weird (and bloody guilty) for stopping off and eating my transporters cousin in a camel and couscous dish.

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Lee is a multimedia content producer at The Sun, editor and founder of Lads Holiday Guide, a part-time traveller, blogger and freelance graphic designer, video editor, web developer and SEO geek.

Lee also eats a lot, loves meeting new people and trying new things.


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