The DJI Spark mini drone is one of the easiest drones in the world to control. It’s one of the cheapest, sexiest and smallest too – which makes it ideal for first-time flyers, vloggers and travellers wanting to take aerial selfies.

The miniature recording gadget films at 1920 x 1080, which won’t impress film makers, but is more than enough for what we want – i.e. flipping off the back of boats, tearing it up on quad bikes etc…

If you’re looking at getting your first drone, then the DJI Spark is an absolute no-brainer, seriously.

A few things we love about DJI’s Spark

Minority Report / Jedi style control
You can control Spark with your hands just by moving them left and right. But it gets better (much better). Make a square with your fingers and Spark will take a photo, raise your arms in the air and it’ll fly back to you. Might take a few practices to get this right, but once you’ve nailed it, you’re winning!

Tracking Technology
Yep, you can set a target and the genius little thing will follow you around. Makes it perfect for things like canoeing, running and rockclimbing.

You can also live stream stuff to Facebook, Weibo, or YouTube. Note: Spark uses WiFi to live stream, Admittedly, that’s not as good as Lightbridge, but for most amateurs, it will suffice.

No controller necessary
You have a choice of three ways to fly Spark. There’s the remote (which allows you to fly the drone at much further distances). You can control it from your phone using the DJI GO app, or for close distance stuff, use the force (well, your hands).

Facial recognition technology
Yes, it reconises you.
It’s slim and sexy
It’s one of the most portable drones on the market and be sure to fit in any backpack. Looks cool. Is cool.

Sweet sensors technology
thanks to drone expert DJI’s sensor tech, the Spark can avoid obstacles so you actually couldn’t crash it even if you tried.

Come home technology
If the drone loses connection, it will go into autopilot and return to where it took off.

DJI Spark mini drone camera info

DJI Spark mini drone camera stats
DJI Spark mini drone camera stats

DJI Spark mini drone aircraft info

DJI Spark mini drone aircraft info
DJI Spark mini drone aircraft info

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