New Zealand: Jaw dropping Postcard locations

Rotorua New Zealand
Rotorua New Zealand

When it comes to adventure travel, few destinations on Earth can rival New Zealand.

It’s home to Middle-earth, where Lord of the Rings was set, thanks to it’s incredible national parks and breathtaking mountains which tower above some of the most stunning lakes on the planet.

Whether you’re looking for adventure travel, hiking, water sports, or culture – New Zealand has heaps of everything and more.

It’s the dream destination for many people which attracted almost 4 million, scenic-hungry tourists in 2019, according to Camper Champ – the free camper’s comparison tool.

Here’s a shortlist of places anyone visiting New Zealand must experience.


Fiordland National Park, South Island
Fiordland National Park is a World Heritage Site with spectacular scenery. It has amazing glaciers that carve the Doubtful Sounds, Dusky, and Milford fjords. You can explore mountain peaks, gushing cascades, vast lakes, offshore islands and rain forests in the national park.

Fiordland National Park New Zealand
Fiordland National Park New Zealand

Tongariro National Park and Lake Taupo
Tongariro National Park is located on North Island, several kilometers from Lake Taupo. The Maori culture value the national park and its unique volcanic features makes it a World Heritage Site. Te Heuheu, the Maori’s Chief gave the Ngauruhoe, Ruapehu and Tongariro volcanic peaks to New Zealanders.

Tongariro National Park and Lake Taupo
Tongariro National Park and Lake Taupo

Tongariro is an old national park with alpine meadows, arid plateaus, hot springs, turquoise lakes and towering volcanoes. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is a famous day walk in the national park. Also, it is among the top quick getaways for hikers and campers.

Bay of Islands
The Bay of Island is a perfect place for fishing and sailing. It is several kilometers from Auckland. The bay comprises 144 islands located between the Purerua Peninsula and Cape Brett.

Bay of Islands New Zealand
Bay of Islands New Zealand

You can scuba dive with the Paihia Dive course or hire a boat to the Bay of Islands. The Fullers GreatSights Hole offers a spectacular view of dolphins and whales in a Rock Dolphin Cruise. The cruise takes visitors to the Hole in the Rock and you can sleep in the Duke of Marlborough Hotel.

Auckland is the biggest city in the country. It is a large travel hub, whose airport receives international flights from all over the world. Many holidaymakers spend a day in Auckland before they travel to other parts of New Zealand. CityLife Auckland offers affordable accommodation.

Aukland New Zealand
Aukland New Zealand

Milford Sound
Many glaciers in the Ice Age formed Milford Sound. Waterfalls and mountains crown its cliffs. It is advisable to board a boat to have a clear view of the landscape. Also, you can take a cruise on fjords to watch penguins and dolphins.

The Milford Discovery Centre and Underwater Observatory is a unique floating observatory in the country.

Milford Sound New Zealand
Milford Sound New Zealand

You can have a 360 degrees view of its environment from a depth of over 30 feet. You can stay at The Milford Sound Lodge or Queenstown.


Rotorua is located in North Island and it is an active geothermal landscape. The region is in the Pacific Ring of Fire and it has hissing geysers, thermal springs, volcanic craters and boiling mud pools.

You can soak in Rotorua’s hot mineral springs as you tour different attractions. Luging, mountain biking, trout fishing and sky diving are the most popular outdoor activities in Rotorua.

Rotorua New Zealand
Rotorua New Zealand





By Lee Walpole

Lee is a multimedia content producer at The Sun, editor and founder of Lads Holiday Guide, a part-time traveller, blogger and freelance graphic designer, video editor, web developer and SEO geek. Lee also eats a lot, loves meeting new people and trying new things.


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