4 Great Experiences for Singles and Solo Travellers in Auckland, New Zealand

Here's 4 great experiences for singles and solo travellers in Auckland, New Zealand.

Known as a multi-cultural, bustling New Zealand destination and the country’s biggest city, Auckland is a thriving environment for all, but especially singles and solo travellers, due to the wealth of entertaining activities and nightlife opportunities to be had.

From outdoor excursions to indoor fun, this populous location is perfect for adventurous individuals looking to have the time of their lives in the great island nation. Let’s take a look at a few of the best Auckland experiences for those with upcoming travel plans to New Zealand.

Bungee Jump off the Auckland Sky Tower

A visit to Auckland is practically synonymous with a visit to the famous Sky Tower. Located within the city’s glitzy business district, this striking landmark stands at a whopping 328 metres, making it the tallest of its kind in the country and 27th in the entire world.

For years, daring travellers have taken part in a series of different bold activities off the top of the tower, from skydiving to sky walking, bungee jumping and more. For those looking to get some extreme adrenaline flowing through their veins, an 11 second leap is all that stands between you and the experience of a lifetime.  

Play Thrilling Casino Games at SkyCity Auckland

After you’ve landed safely on Auckland city ground, just a few steps away is another electric experience to be had at SkyCity. First opened in 1996, this glamorous entertainment center was recently refurbished in 2016 to reflect a more modern look with its interiors.

Located directly at the tower’s base, this expansive casino contains an exciting mix of slot machines (nearly 2,000), exclusive VIP rooms, and a wide variety of table games which include all the classics such as baccarat, blackjack, and roulette, with both American and European variants available. For travellers interested in roulette, players should keep in mind that the American game is slightly different from the latter in that it contains an extra double zero slot in addition to the single zero.

Aside from the casino, the complex also boasts a five-star hotel and massive theatre where various shows are in production year-round. So, brush up on your casino gaming techniques and hit the floor for a night of thrills and spills in fabulous Auckland.

For kayakers travelling to Rangitoto, a spectacular sunset view is inevitable  

Join a Group in a Kayaking Adventure to Rangitoto Island

After you’ve had your fill of gaming, it’s time to head back outdoors for some fresh air and beautiful sights. And in Auckland, one of the most popular excursions is undoubtedly the kayaking trip to the gorgeous Rangitoto Island.

A variety of different groups are available to join for either a sunset tour or daytime adventure, making it the perfect opportunity to meet fellow singles or those traveling solo. Along this epic journey, snap some photos of the stunning natural surroundings as you paddle across the island. The kayaking distance is one hour and fifteen minutes each way so be prepared for plenty of time out on the water!

Whether you’re looking for an exciting dance scene with live DJs or a chilled-out bar/restaurant environment, Auckland has no shortage of options for the modern-day traveller

Have a Fun Night out in Auckland CBD

As previously mentioned, the city’s business district is one of the best places for a fun-filled night out as modern eateries and hip bars line the streets. Walk along Federal Street or Vulcan Lane to find a large selection of places to dine and dance, or both at the same time. Views of the iconic Sky Tower are close by, and the city lights will dazzle you from every corner.

In fact, for those looking to get a spectacular look at the city in the evening, Sky Tower is also home to a stunning and easily accessible observation deck. Glass floors line the room, so pictures look truly out of this world. On a clear night, the scenery is so picturesque it hardly seems real.