Cheating sucks (often literally)… but is it wrong to cheat on a lads holiday?

No. But like anything, there’s a set of rules you must follow.


Rule 1: Cheating Visa

Seann-William Scott introduced us to the ‘areacode rule’ in the film, Road Trip. It’s similar to that. If you travel overseas, your cheating visa is activated. When you return home, it’s deactivated.


Rule 2: Condom protection

ALWAYS bag-up. If you break this rule you MUST get checked before banging your missus when you get home. If you’re riddled with Herpes, it’s time to breakup or confess.


Rule 3: Deal with the guilt

Cheating is the easy bit. Living with guilt can be hard. Do NOT tell her just to get it off your chest. Man up, and own your actions. Yes, confessing might make you feel better but you’ll hurt her and transfer / multiply all the bad feelings you have onto her – which is unfair.

Rule 4: NO messaging your holiday fling(s) when you return home

Maintaining contact with any holiday flings is completely forbidden. Remember, as soon as land on home turf, the ‘Cheating Visa’ is deactivated.

For a slightly better understanding as to why we cheat, check out the video below…


Or to become a wizard, check out Craig Beck’s To Catch a Cheat book – which you can buy on Amazon or listen to free on Audible by clicking here.


To Catch a Cheat: How to Tell If a Partner Is Cheating
To Catch a Cheat: How to Tell If a Partner Is Cheating
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