9 reasons to go Ayia Napa

Here's NINE reasons we think Ayian Napa is one of the best 18-30 party destinations on Earth

Ayia Napa is Cyprus’s top destination for both young lads but also families. It’s one of the destinations where both lifestyles collide.

Reason #1. Ayia Napa Square

Ayia Napa Square is the place to go if you’re looking to party. It’s a host to top bars and clubs in a small area. It’s a clubber’s nightlife paradise.

Things don’t get going until midnight, hence the party doesn’t stop there even when the sun comes up. The atmosphere is friendly which is perfect makes it a perfect place and time for hooking up with the girls.

Reason #2. Beaches

The reason Ayia Napa is a great destination for both lifestyles is the beaches. It’s full of beautiful beaches such as Landa, Nissi, Pernera, or Limnara.

These beaches are perfect to relax and work on your game before preparing for the nightlife.

Ayia Napa Beach

Reason #3. Celebrities Square

Ayia Napa has its own celebrities square. It’s a destination to visit in a hope to meet and take photos with some of the celebrities.

There is a rumor that DJ Tiesto visits Ayia Napa quite often!

Celebrities Square

Reason #4. Marko Paliatso Luna Park

If you’re planning on taking out the bird you met last night, Marko Paliatso Luna Park is the place to go.

It’s a great way to entertain your bird. No girl will tell you no afterward ;)

Reason #5.  Night Clubs and Bars

Ayia Napa is full of night clubs and bars that create the best nightlife.

Themed bars such as Ghetto Cocktail bar, Rockfellas Sports bar, Jagermeister bar, The Love Boat, Soho Club, Black N’ White, and many others are worth visiting. Once you go in, you won’t leave until tomorrow afternoon.

Reason #6. Dance Clubs & Discos

There is no better way to attract girls than by showing off on the dance floor.

The Castle Club and River Reggae Club are clubs full of girls just waiting on you.

Reason #7. Adrenaline Adventures

When you aren’t partying, spend your time bungee jumping, flyboarding, doing watersports, or even rent quad bikes to ride around the island.

Reason #8. Fantasy Boat Party

When you’re ready for some more partying, Fantasy Boat Party is full of pretty girls, good music, and laugh. Join the games, get drunk, watch the sunset from a boat surrounded by a bunch of party strangers.

But be aware, take some extra food with you because the lunch isn’t the best, and drinks can be quite expensive.

Reason #9. WaterWorld Waterpark

For a good laugh with your mates, WaterWorld waterpark is a good place for a brilliant day out when you have no other options.