CoverMyCast: How breaking wrist just before Vegas trip HELPED me pull

Las Vegas
Las Vegas

BREAKING my wrist two weeks before Vegas was not only painful, but extremely annoying.

No more pre-holiday workouts and the thought of not getting wet at the pool parties, WTF!!

So I kind of begged the Doctor to provide a removable cast… He said “No!”

Have you ever tried wiping your bum with your left hand.. No? Well it’s an arse of a task, trust me.

But, what’s worse is the thought of going LAS VEGAS – literally the best place on Earth – in a dog-ugly, stinking cast.

Fortunately, there was a solution to my vanity dilemma.

COVER-MY-CAST.COM founders Marion and Bob specialise in making your grotty cast look like a piece of art.

For less than £20 my rotting arm piece was transformed into a head turning masterpiece.

It’s as if Brit’s didn’t get enough attention as it was already – seems breaking a wrist was more handy than I thought.

By Lee Walpole

Lee is a multimedia content producer at The Sun, editor and founder of Lads Holiday Guide, a part-time traveller, blogger and freelance graphic designer, video editor, web developer and SEO geek. Lee also eats a lot, loves meeting new people and trying new things.

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