BREAKING my wrist two weeks before Vegas was not only painful, but extremely annoying.

No more pre-holiday workouts and the thought of not getting wet at the pool parties, WTF!!

So I kind of begged the Doctor to provide a removable cast… He said “No!”

Have you ever tried wiping your bum with your left hand.. No? Well it’s an arse of a task, trust me.

But, what’s worse is the thought of going LAS VEGAS – literally the best place on Earth – in a dog-ugly, stinking cast.

Fortunately, there was a solution to my vanity dilemma.

COVER-MY-CAST.COM founders Marion and Bob specialise in making your grotty cast look like a piece of art.

For less than £20 my rotting arm piece was transformed into a head turning masterpiece.

It’s as if Brit’s didn’t get enough attention as it was already – seems breaking a wrist was more handy than I thought.