GrelkaFest: Russian babes party in bikinis at Sheregesh ski resort festival

Sheregesh ski resort festival houses one of the best mountain parties on the planet.... GrelkaFest

Booze, babes and bikinis… One word, GrelkaFest!

Yes, seriously, if you’re like me and into Russian women, then you MUST get yourself to Sheregesh ski resort next year for the Grelka Festival.

It’s been on my bucket list since I first started puberty, after all – we’re talking about the sexiest festival on planet Earth!

It’s a party held at the top of Russia’s Sheregesh ski resort, where thousands of Russian babes strip off, get p*ssed and take to the slopes.

And there’s even a “Miss Sheregesh” bikini contest, as well as an extreme ski jumping thing in the pool and numerous music shows and events.

It’s any straight male skier / snowboarder’s dream – tickets cost about £150!

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