Red-light delight

My experience with an Eindhoven red-light district prostitute

Was 15 minutes for €50 worth it?

Standing at the window, she looked like a Victoria’s Secret model – there wasn’t a single doubt in my mind… I’d made my decision.

After five minutes of walking around Eindhoven’s small, but organised red-light district (Baekelandplein) – it was time I put my money where my mouth was and for the first time ever – have sex with a prostitute.

As I walked in, ‘Simona’ greeted me with a cheeky smile, before kissing me on the cheek, taking my hand and escorting me upstairs.

She was incredibly well constructed. Tiny frame, curves in all the right places etc. She was also polite and lovely.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.

“I’ve never done this before.” I said. “Consider me a red-light virgin”.

She chuckled to herself, and told me not to worry as she closed the bedroom door and revealed her price.

“€50 please”. She took the cash and pointed me towards the bed.

“So, where you from?” she asked while starting to undress herself.


I start to choke like I’ve never seen a pair of tits before.

“London” I said.

My top’s off and I’m now trying to remove my skinny jeans as Simona opens a draw and pulls out a condom.

“So it’s your first time here in Eindhoven?” she asks.




Meanwhile, I’ve just noticed my under-prepared flop. F*CK!!!!

To buy some time (and kill my nerves) I ask where she’s from – while hopelessly fiddling with myself.

“Romania” she says smiling, having sussed what I’m trying to do.

“Are you nervous?” Simona asks, as she gently grips my suddenly awaking member.

Oh crap, it’s actually happening!

I slowly lay back on the bed and remove my pants.

She tears the Durex packaging and continues caressing me until I’m hard.

She positions the rubber and uses her mouth to slide it down my expanding shaft.

This girl’s knows what she’s doing.

Three or four minutes later and I’m almost ready to cum. I’m not sure how, but she knows.

She stops and asks whether I’m ready for sex. “Yes”.

Simona reaches over to the bedside draw and pulls out some lube (slightly off putting but f*** it)…

“What you like?” she says in an Eastern European accent – giving me the option to shag her in a variety of positions.

“Standard, for now I said” as I shoved her tiny body into position and starting thrusting away.

Now, I’d love to brag at how I pounded the shit out of her until my time was over but the truth was I was done quite a bit sooner that I’d imagined – an outcome I think we were both happy with.

£5 a minute eh? Absolutely worth it!

With some time still left on the clock, I thought I’d ask her a few questions such as whether she likes what she does, and whether she has a boyfriend.

Small talk basically, while we both started to dress ourselves.

“Sometimes I like what I do, other days not so much”.

Well I hope she liked it as much as I did.

On the way out she gives me a kiss goodbye, and the same smile that lured me to her in the first place.

I can honestly say it’s one of the best €50 euros I’ve spent this year.