Best BBQ to buy in 2020

Thinking of buying a barbecue for summer? Here's a dozen of the best BBQ to buy in the UK.
By Lee Walpole
(4 minutes read)

If you’re looking for the best BBQ to buy this summer, you’re in luck as we’ve pieced together a dozen of the UK’s hottest grilling machines, with links to the cheapest laces to buy them.

From charcoal smokers to gas burning grills, here’s this year’s….

BEST BBQ’s 2018

Landmann Smoker Charcoal 31426 BBQ
(Best charcoal smoker)

This beast is big enough to feed an army. With options to roast, smoke, or cook at different speeds thanks to its  adjustable grills and length rack – it makes it a top pick for BBQ pros.

Key specs: Fuel type: Charcoal/Woodchip; Dimensions (HWD): 141 x 125 x 53 cm; Weight: 27.5kg

CosmoGrill 6+1 Deluxe BBQ
(gas burner)

If you’re looking for the monster meat cooker, here you are.

Includes: 6 x Stainless Steel Burners, a side burner with a lid, fully removable grease tray, 2 x Cooking Grills, 1 x Full length Side table, breaks, wheels, a cupboard and a Thermometer for f*ck’s sake! Sounds like Q from James Bond built this machine!

Weber Pulse 1000 BBQ
(Best electric BBQ)

This little electric tech BBQ was released this year. It’s an effortlessness grill, perfect for BBQ beginners.
In fact, it’s so cool you don’t even have to stand with the food whilst it cooks… Connect it to your phone and the iGrill thermometer will let you know when your meats are ready.
Get in!

Char-Broil Big Easy Smoker BBQ
(Best gas smoker)

This beast of a BBQ can roast, smoke or grill for six people.

It cooks fast and is skillfully designed to lock the juices into your food so you needn’t stress about your meats drying out… Shame the grill wasn’t a tad bigger though.
For the authentic BBQ chef, there’s a removable chamber which you can fill with a variety of wood chips to achieve different smokey tastes.

Key specs: Fuel type: Gas; Cooking area: 38.5cm; Dimensions (HWD): 92 x 59.4cm; Weight: 22.7kg

Sidenote: If budget isn’t an issue, and you want something slightly bigger, you might want to check out the Big Green Egg (below).

Outback Omega 200 BBQ
(Best charcoal barbecue under £150)

It’s practical, with handy workspaces on either side of the grill and some storage underneath. We think it only made the list this year because it looks cool. Personally, I think the grill is too small for the amount of room it takes up.

Key specs: Fuel type: Charcoal; Cooking area: 50 x 36 cm; Dimensions (HWD): 120 x 66 x 102cm; Weight: 30g


It’s a heavyweight cast iron grill which has super handy, adjustable grills, a lid-mounted thermometer and is consider by a dozer BBQ chefs as one of the best grill they’ve ever used.

Few grills on the market rival this badboy!

Key specs: Grill size: 22 inches. Type: CharcoalSize: Large, Adjustable height grill, hinged lid, great build quality


If you’re in search of the best portable BBQ, we heartily recommend Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Cube for charcoal and Weber Q W1200 for gas.

Note: We’ll be updating this article when more barbecue reviews come in next week – with a definitive list of this year’s best barbecues.


BEST BBQ 2018: The best barbecues for summer in the UK review chart

BEST BBQ 2018: The best barbecues for summer in the UK review chart

Update: According to

WEBER SMOKEFIRE EX4 is the best barbecue grill:
Stylish, exceedingly well built pellet grill that sears, smokes AND slow roasts

Reasons to buy.
+It sears, roasts, bakes and grills
+Reliable, fuss free cooking method
+Exceptional build quality
+Good looker

Here’s what they say.

Many barbecue aficionados swear by pellet grilling because it infuses food with a truly authentic wood smoke flavour that is difficult to attain using charcoal, let alone gas. It is also arguably the easiest type of barbecuing because it’s all controlled by a computer leaving you, the host, to chill out and relax safe in the knowledge that the food will be cooked to perfection with almost zero intervention.