Cheap travel insurance for lads holidays, adventure sports and backpackers

Everything you need to know about getting insured on holiday

Look, I’m not your Mum and I’m not going to bore you with a thousand examples of what could go wrong if you don’t get travel insurance (I’ll save that for another post).

Bottom line is, IF you’re not insured and something goes wrong in another country, you’re absolutely f*cked!

Travel insurance can be sorted in a matter of minutes and cost next to nothing.

Personally, I HATE webforms.. So for me, the faster the experience the better – which is why I use – which searches a dozen insurance companies all in one go.

Cheap travel insurance for lads holidays, adventure sports and backpackers
Three simple steps to pick travel insurance…

It takes a couple of seconds to pull up a list of travel insurance deals, but please DO NOT go for the cheapest deal without spending 10 seconds to glance over what’s covered as not all insurance companies are created equal.

For example: This year (2018-2019) I used and paid £62 for the entire year, which covers me for almost anything, from falling off a scooter to getting hit in the face with a golf ball (you never know).

The reason I didn’t pick the cheapest option is because it did NOT cover me for motorised insurance – meaning if I fell off a quad bike and into a cactus, I would not only have to deal with a thousand pricks (and possibly some broken bones) – but I’d also have to fork out for a hefty medical bill.

You can easily see what’s included by following these steps…

Step #1. Click MORE DETAILS (on the results page)

List of Travel Insurance Quotes
List of Travel Insurance Quotes

Step #2. Click SHOW ALL which is at the bottom near ACTIVITIES INSURED

Travel Insurance: ALWAYS check what's covered
ALWAYS check what’s covered

Step #3. Check if the activity is mentioned in the list.

Here’s a comparison between the cheap insurance and the one I decided to go with
Activities covered: Left, the cheap option. Right, the policy I went with.

Remember: If something looks too good to be true, it might be – so check.


Anyway, here’s a couple of FAQs.

Do I need travel insurance to go on holiday?

Nope. For years I didn’t get it and I was lucky. Changed my mind after seeing the state of my mate James’ medical bill (and face) after taking a tumble down a New York subway staircase.

What does travel insurance typically cover?

It’s important you check each policy (as discussed) but in most instances, this is what you’re covered for:

1. Lost or stolen luggage
2. Emergency medical expenses
3. Cancelled flights or holidays
4. Personal liability, meaning if you’re as clumsy as our pal Paul, if you manage to break anything – this is covered too.

Side note: There’s a chance you may NOT be covered for things like Earthquakes or acts of terrorism.

Travel Insurance for clubbing / party holidays?

If you’re under 18 and need travel insurance, click here. If you’re over 18, and are thinking of visiting some of Europe’s party destinations, such as Magaluf, Malia, Ibiza etc – make sure you click on the activities covered as some companies will screw you over for water sports.

Best travel insurance company for trips to USA?

American medical bills SUCK – so make sure you’re covered. They’re usually dirt cheap if you’re only going for a week or two.
You can check out Travel Supermarket’s best travel insurance deals to America by clicking here.

Best travel insurance company for Adventure Sports?

Top Dog Insurance seem to offering the best deals for Adventure Sports travel insurance right now. But again, I still prefer to use comparisson sites as I’m too lazy to fill out multiple forms.