Look, I’m not your Mum and I’m not going to bore you with a thousand examples of what could go wrong if you don’t get travel insurance.

Here’s the one I use, how much it costs and what it does for me.

Post Office: £70
Includes: Worldwide medical and cancellation insurance for a whole year.
Click here for Post Office insurance

That means if I get sick, my flights are cancelled, some tramp nicks my wallet or a shark decides to bite a chunk of my arm off, I’m covered :)
I find the website clean and simple to use. I also like the fact you can combine both cancellation and medical insurance (some insurance companies don’t do that so make sure you look out for that).

If you’re planning a week away with the lads to somewhere filthy, like Magaluf or Malia – I’d highly recommend getting group coverage with ALPHA – as it’s much cheaper.

Alpha Group Insurance:
£8 (approx)
Includes: 1 week in a European destination (Zante, Malia, Maga, Ibiza etc)  for six lads aged between 16-30.
Click here for Alpha Travel Insurance


Or for those looking for Avios points, you could always use American Express Travel Insurance

Do I need travel insurance to go on holiday?

Nope. For years I didn’t get it and I was lucky. Changed my mind after seeing the state of my mate James’ medical bill (and face) after taking a tumble down a New York subway staircase. #painful

What does travel insurance cover?

It’s important you check each policy (obviously) but in most instances, this is what you’re covered for:

1. Lost or stolen luggage
2. Emergency medical expenses
3. Cancelled flights or holidays
4. Personal liability, meaning if you’re as clumsy as our pal Paul, if you manage to break anything – this is covered too.

Chances are your cover will NOT be valid for: Earthquakes or acts of terrorism