Thinking of booking your first lads holiday? Sweeet! I’ve booked many in my time, and am about to share some tips with you that’s saved me £££s over the years.

But before I go in to the best travel agencies / websites for 18-30’s clubbing holidays (and lads trips in general) you must make sure you know the following.

1. Who’s going
2. What dates
3. How long
4. Maximum budget

If you don’t know who’s going yet, you need to start up a WhatsApp / Facebook group with something like:

Subject: LADS HOLIDAY 2018
Pic: Some fit birds in Bikinis
Boys, I’m booking a trip to Magaluf in the first week of XXX. Will cost about £YYY each (includes flight + hotel) – who’s up for it?


Once you’ve got a reply from everyone that’s confirmed (delete the ones that can’t go) – it’s time to collect the money.


Whether you’re a lads holiday virgin who’s never booked a trip in your life or a seasoned pro who’s been booking 18-30 clubbing holidays for the tenth year straight, there’s no denying the fact we could all do with some help finding the best deals.