Fat Burning Rules: Fastest way to get ripped, lean and shredded

Seriously simple fat burning guide which covers exercise, nutrition and supplement tips which will turn your body into a fat burning furnace

If you’re looking for the fastest way to get ripped and shredded then you need to work hard and smart.

I’m going to cover the three foundations needed to start burning fat right away.

Chapter #1: Exercise

There’s a rumour that to best way to get ripped is to do lots of light weights and cardio… It’s bullsh*t.

Muscle eats flab for fun, so the more muscle, the fastest you’ll burn fat.

​Exercise Tip #1: Lift Heavy​

Push yourself to the maximum, (without breaking good form). The harder you push yourself, the faster you’ll grow.

James Corden lifts an impressive weight... Great form too, James
James Corden lifts an impressive weight… Great form too, James :/
​Exercise Tip #2: Good Form

If you ain’t using good form, you could be doing more damage than good. Do it properly or not at all.

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Advertisement: Whey Protein Sugar free Sryup
​Exercise Tip #3: Squeeze

Squeezing the muscle forces more blood into the fibres – which in turn, increases muscle growth.

Arnold Schwarzenegger flexing his muscles
Arnold Schwarzenegger flexing his muscles
​Exercise Tip #4: Don’t skip leg day

Leg muscles are the biggest on the body and therefore burn the most fat. So work them… Hard.

Don't skip leg day at the gym... or you'll look like a twat
Don’t skip leg day at the gym… or you’ll look like a twat
Exercise Tip #5: Cardio

Morning jog before breakfast. Yes. Learn to love it. HIIT, combat sports, cycling, rock climbing, walking or whatever If you’re sweating your balls off, something’s working.

Tip: Perform cardio on an empty tummy in the morning and (or) after a weight lifting sesh, to burn through your glycogen stores.

Cardio training on an empty stomach can be key to help burn stubborn fat
Cardio training on an empty stomach can be key to help burn stubborn fat
Exercise Tip #6: Compound Exercises

Squats target more muscle groups than any other exercise and therefore burn the most fat.
Other compound exercises include pull-ups, bench press, dips etc… Compound exercises are the most effective as they target several muscle groups.

Squats are one of the best things you can do to burn fat
Squats are one of the best things you can do to burn fat
Exercise Tip #6: Supersets

Intensity is key. Smash one muscle group, then IMMEDIATELY after hit the opposite muscle group.

For example: 6 – 12 reps hammer curls (for biceps) instantly followed by tricep dips.

Supersets will hurt like a b*tch but that’s a good sign.

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Advertisement: My Protein
Exercise Tip #7: Heads-up on Triceps

You want bigger guns? Here’s a dedicated article on how to get monster arms in record breaking time.

But in short, bigger bicips does not mean bigger arms. Triceps make up most of your arm, so get on the dips and skull-crushers, to get those guns looking defined.

Jean Claude Van Damme had great arms
Jean Claude Van Damme had great arms


Chapter #2: Nutrition
You are what you eat… 

If your diet isn’t on point, you’ll find it almost impossible to get ripped and lean.

There’s a handful of diets and nutrition plans out there which work – you just need to stick to it!

Here’s the golden rules.

Nutrition Tip #1: Water

Drink lots of it. Your body needs water to process fat. The more you’re hydrated, the better you will function.

This includes your muscles, joints and liver – which are all responsible for processing fat.

Rough rule: Drink half of your body weight in ounces of water.

Nutrition Tip #2: Eat little and often

6-8 small meals a day boosts your metabolism. Do not EVER fill yourself up and make sure you measure your food.

Nutrition Tip #3: Perfect Portions based on BMR

BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is essentially how many calories you’d burn if you did nothing but sit on on your ass all day.

You can work out your BMR here, by using this online tool.

Once you have your Basal Metabolic Rate, you can now work out how many calories you’re allowed to eat during the day.

Nutrition Tip #4: Protein

Eat lots of it. Fish, chicken, beef, turkey, steaks, soybeans, lentils, eggs etc…

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Nutrition Tip #4: Greens are gooood

Broccoli, Spinach, Brussels sprouts etc… Seriously.

Nutrition Tip #5: Complex Carbs Only

Stick to very small portions of the healthy carbs and try to follow a Low Glycemic Index Diet

Low Glycemic Index Diet Chart
Low Glycemic Index Diet Chart
Nutrition Tip #6: Cut The Cr*p

Keep these foods to an absolute minimum.

Sweets, biscuits, crisps, chips, chocolates, fizzy drinks (including diet coke), booze, fruit juices, fruit squash, white carbs, starchy carbs and anything fried, battered or coated.

Nutrition Tip #5: Post-workout Meals

Critical for aiding recovery, building muscle, and re-energizing.

Nutrition Tip #6: Green Tea

Swap PG Tips for this fat burning replacement.


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Advertisement: My Protein


Chapter #3: Supplements

People spunk soooo much money on supplements in the hope of burning fat, but very few actually know what it is they’re taking.

Here’s a list of things that will help you burn fat.

Supplement #1: Whey Protein

Essential for muscle growth and repair – which helps aid fat burning.
20-30 grams of whey protein powder before training. 40-50 grams post workout.

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Advertisement: My Protein Powders
Supplement #2: GABA

My favourite ingredient, ever. Several fat burning functions plus this little gem helps you sleep better – which has untold advantages.

You can buy GABA from

Supplement #3: ZMA

The Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 stack helps contribute to fat in a variety of ways.


It is found in fatty beef and the dairy products. It increases metabolic rate, lowers cholesterol and is good for the immune system. CLA capsules are dirt cheap too.

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Supplement #5: L-Carnitine

We all dying for that six pack and its either we accept to deal with the foggy brain from low carbs or supplement using carnitine. There are two forms: L-Carnitine and Acetyl- Carnitine.

Supplement #6: Beta-alanine

Beta-alanine is ideal for sports which use explosive movements.

Supplement #7: Carb blockers

The main ingredient is white kidney bean extract and they bind carbs and dont let your body digest too much of them.

Supplement #8: Fat blockers

Block fat from being digested. You can buy Alli (Orlistat) from Boots Online.

Alli (Orlistat) weight loss pills
Alli (Orlistat) weight loss pills


Supplement #9: Steroids

Steroids (if used responsibly) can have tremendous effects when combined with a high protein diet and solid workout plan.


A very popular, amphetamine based fat burning stack which has a host of side effects from pilly willy to dry mouth, paranoia and heart failure.

Sound fun? It’s illegal to sell Ephedrine in most countries, but it’s easy to find and there’s few fat burners more effective than this one.


If done sensibly, Clenbuterol can be a brilliant fat burner. Side effects include severe shakes which can last hours. Chronic cramps are a common unwanted side effect though. Oh, and if you add T3 (AKA Cytomel…) to the mix 🔥

Supplement #12: T3

Actually, I’ll come back to the “illegal” fat burners in another post…

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Advertisement: My Protein

Chapter #4: Summary

It’s a simple science really. Once you’ve worked out your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), you can work out exactly how much food you can eat without putting on anything.

Divide that up throughout the day, eating small portions every 3-4 hours and make sure you stick to complex carbs, healthy fats and lean proteins.

Train cardio in the morning (on an empty tummy) and smash the weights, hard.

Compound exercises and supersets are the best. Leg muscles burn more fat than any other body part so make sure your weekly routine includes SQUATS!

But if there’s one thing you take from all of this, it’s that dedication is key!

Good luck getting ripped!