Roller coaster rides: Red Force vs Stealth

Stealth vs Red Force: Roller coasters go head to head
Stealth vs Red Force: Roller coasters go head to head

Imagine Thorpe Park’s Stealth, but on steroids – Red Force is bigger, faster and better!

Passengers will experience CRAZY G-Force, as they’re taken from 0-110mph in just FIVE seconds across 880 metres of track (that’s equivalent to SEVEN football pitches by the way) – before VERTICALLY rocketing to the top of the 112-metre ride – which to put into perspective, is quite a lot taller than Big Ben.

Here’s how Red Force rollercoaster squares up to Thorpe Park’s, Stealth and some other tall things.

Red Force compared to Stealth and some famous structures
Red Force compared to Stealth and some famous structures

Despite having a similar design to Stealth, the height and speed difference is substantial.




As you can see, Stealth is no match for it’s new European rival.

So how about the tallest rollercoaster in the world?



You can get to Ferrari Land, PortAventura World from Barcelona or Valencia.


  • Train will take you an hour and cost about €10
  • To drive will take around 1 hour, 20 minutes.


If you book in advance you can get some banging deals to Barcelona. For example here’s one I come across yesterday today.


Red Force POV


  • Train will take you 3.5 hours and cost €11
  • A drive will take around 2 hour, 30 minutes.
London to Valencia, flights and 4 jights in Barcelo Premium Valencia
London to Valencia, flights and 4 nights in Barcelo Premium Valencia

See a great deal today, from London to Valencia, 4-nights in a great hotel + flights for £255 each.


Also, whilst you’re here…

Too scared to ride one of Thorpe Park’s big boys and left wishing you had bigger balls.

Well, good news for you wimps – as The Sun have released a cool video which allows you experience The Swarm in 360-degrees.

Google Chrome viewers get to drag the camera around and control the perspective.


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