Beer price guide: World’s cheapest places to buy a pint

Beer guide reveals the world's cheapest destinations for buying a pint

Ever wondered where you can find the cheapest pint?

Well, if you’re in a hurry and can’t be bothered to read on, Prague is the cheapest city in the world to buy a pint of beer.

In fact, the Czech Republic capital works out EIGHT times cheaper than cities like Dubai, Oslo and Singapore – according to The Money Guru.

Here’s how much £4 can get you…

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Beer Price Travel Guide 2018
Beer Price Travel Guide 2018

And here’s lowdown on what cities rank best (and worst) when it comes to buying a pint of beer.

Beer Price Leaderboard 2018
Beer Price Leaderboard 2018

*Prices sourced from Expatistan – accurate as of April 2018