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hub by Premier Inn: Slick & trendy budget hotel in Covent Garden, London

Premier Inn's new high-tech pod rooms... Located in the heart of London's West End is an absolute no-brainer if you're looking for cheap city accomodation

This week we checked in to the UK’S newest – and coolest – hotel ‘smart’ chain to give it a try… and we were really impressed.

hub by Premier Inn are set to roll out across the UK in a big way this year but have three new hotels open in London (full list of London hub deals starting at £69.99).

They’re affordable luxury pod-style hotels which are incredibly high-tech for their low price tag.

Premier Inn Hub (Covent Garden)
Premier Inn Hub (Covent Garden)

The rooms are modern and you can even use your App or Apple Watch to book, check-in, control the lighting, adjust the room temperature or add brekkie.

You can also pair your device to the TV so you can throw films and alike up on to the big screen during your stay.

London hotels can cost an arm and a leg but Hub rooms are available from just £69 a pop and we could happily live in one.

Premier Inn Hub (Covent Garden)
Premier Inn Hub (Covent Garden)

We stayed at the Covent Garden which has just celebrated its first birthday. Another hub has just opened near Tower Bridge, while also Brick Lane is coming soon – plus two in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The hotel features a double bed and when you arrive you have to simply unclip your duvet and chuck it on the bed.

The lighting is modern with a touchpad of three combinations right next to where you lay your head.

Premier Inn Hub (Covent Garden)
Premier Inn Hub (Covent Garden)

The smart TV on the wall is state-of-the art and features a decent selection of channels and on-demand movies.

But the big thing about this little room is the clever use of space: no wardrobe but an economical hanger space for one night’s worth of bits. Perfect.

Under the bed a useful slot for your bag or case and the bathroom is just the right size, with a lovely shower.

It may seem budget by price but the pad itself is really modern in design and we absolutely loved it for a one-nighter.

Premier Inn Hub (Covent Garden)
Premier Inn Hub (Covent Garden)

Free waters were included – perfect for those crashing after a night on the sauce – as was breakfast the next morning, with a bacon sarnies ready to send us on our way.

All in all a great option if you’re looking for a hotel which won’t break the bank – yet will also feel cool and trendy.