100-years-ago the chute was used to transport sugar cane. Now it’s got an even sweeter use…

You won’t find it on any map though – and you’ll have to break the law to get to it because it’s restricted government property.

But, if you fancy taking the risk – and a two hour hike down the “White Road Hike” trail, battle through dense forest and brave dark tunnels before climbing a thin rope to the top of the slide… You’re in for a treat!

Secret waterslide hidden away in the Waipio Valley, Hawaii

How cool is this….

Posted by Lads Holiday Guide on Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Be careful though… The structure isn’t properly maintained and remember, you are officially breaking the law – so we shouldn’t really be recommending the “wreckless” hike (as the officials would say).

Talking of Hawaii though, did you see that sexy surfer babe, Alison Teal paddle up to an ERUPTING volcano? #Hot stuff!!!