White Road Hike

Insane (and illegal) waterslide in Hawaii

Secret path to a 35-foot *natural water flume - hidden away in the forest of Waipio Valley

100-years-ago the chute was used to transport sugar cane. Now it’s got an even sweeter use…

You won’t find it on any map though – and you’ll have to break the law to get to it because it’s restricted government property.

But, if you fancy taking the risk – and a two hour hike down the “White Road Hike” trail, battle through dense forest and brave dark tunnels before climbing a thin rope to the top of the slide… You’re in for a treat!



Be careful though… The structure isn’t properly maintained and remember, you are officially breaking the law – so we shouldn’t really be recommending the “wreckless” hike (as the officials would say).

Talking of Hawaii though, did you see that sexy surfer babe, Alison Teal paddle up to an ERUPTING volcano? #Hot stuff!!!