Stressed? Welcome to the Rage Room

Looking for somewhere to destroy with out having to pay the damages or clean up the mess?

When it comes to stress, few things get me going  faster than my missus. Traffic and slow internet are another two things that drive me insane. Oh, and people that eat so f****** loud.

Come to think about it, quite a lot of things wind me up. And until now, there’s never really been a way of dealing with it.

I’ve tried everything, from shouting to meditating. I’m just one of those people that can’t deal with stress.

If only there was somewhere I could quite literally smash the s*** out of – without any pricey consequences…

If only there was… A RAGE ROOM!

Well now there is.

Camera della Rabbia!

The stress busting geniuses in Italy offer angry visitors the chance to let loose in a room full of stuff to smash for 10 minutes, costing €15.

You’ll be equipped with a club, safety helmet, shoes, gloves and protective knee and elbow pads.

There’s  a 40 minute option (€35) for the crazy – which includes a DVD of your experience at the end.

Admittedly, by the time you’ve got a plane to San Marino or Bologna and driven to the stress busting shack, chances are you’d have calmed down a bit.

But if you’re ever floating about in Italy and need to let off some steam, this is definitely the place to go.

Just make sure nobody’s in the room at the time.