Justin Bieber’s d***, seriously…

How many more times do I have to read about how big it is?

He’s clearly had a good fiddle – achieved a wealthy semi-on and taken it outside.

It’s exactly what our lad Troy (aka Truncheon) does when we’re on a lads holiday.

In fact, when we were in Maga, one of our boys (no names mentioned) was caught using a penis pump every morning just before sunbathing round by the pool.

Penis Pump

Apparently, it beefs it up for a couple of hours, which works great with bright and tight swim shorts.

You only need to wear it for twenty minutes or so and you’ll have developed a weapon so big, the U.S. government will probably try to confiscate it.

I wouldn’t recommend using the pump for too long though, as I’ve heard horror stories which involve bruising and blood vessels – ouch!

Look Justin, soon we’ll all have something to get our dicks out about ;)