Yep, that’s right. A recent survey suggests that women find booking a holiday more stressful than we do.

There’s a handful of reasons why, but it’s mostly due to how fellas are more relaxed – and that our beautiful counterparts are control freaks.

I’d suggest taking the reins when it comes to booking your next trip, but truth is, you’ll likely be blamed (and perhaps never forgiven) if the holiday isn’t EXACTLY how they imagined it.

Your best bet is to check out our Romantic Destination Travel Guides for inspiration, find your best deals online and then go through Trip Advisor with a fine tooth comb until you’re BOTH satisfied.

That’s my survival guide, at least.

But lets face it, if your woman’s read the Fifty Shades books – unless you’re booking Maldives by a private jet (or helicopter) then chances are she’ll find something wrong with your package… holiday package that is, you dirty dogs!