Zero Gravity party headlined Steve Aoki in a modified A310 aircraft.

The rave which took off on 7th Feb 2018 from Frankfurt Airport, was organised by BigCityBeats and the WORLD CLUB DOME project served as a teaser party for some ofn their bigger events  back on Earth this year.

The aircraft flew up and down angled at 45º – at the top of the curve the passengers and experiments experience around 20 seconds of microgravity.

Before and after the weightless period, increased gravity of up to 2 g is part of the ride.


20 lucky clubbers got a taste of weightlessness – not to conduct gravity-free science but to party with superstar DJs Steve Aoki, W&W and Le Shuuk.

Below was the trailer / competition they launched last year.

Let’s hope they launch another one soon, as some more ravers into space!