Lad loses V-plates in Amsterdam

Lad loses V-plates in Amsterdam

We’ve all got that mate who takes forever to “do it”..

For whatever reason, small penis or fear – the longer it’s left, the harder (or not) it becomes.

Which is why this group of lads decided to put an end to their 22-year-old pal, Pie’s virginity – and treated him to a Lady of the Red Lights.

Good on you, Pie! Hope she swallowed every last bit of you!

Ever wondered what it’s actually like having sex with a red light district prostitute?
Well, our fella max isn’t shy about telling you his story in Eindhoven.

By Lee Walpole

Lee is a multimedia content producer at The Sun, editor and founder of Lads Holiday Guide, a part-time traveller, blogger and freelance graphic designer, video editor, web developer and SEO geek. Lee also eats a lot, loves meeting new people and trying new things.