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Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam is the home of the world's most famous red light district full of sex shows, strip clubs and of course - notorious prostitutes

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok bachelors, you're in for a mad one in Thailand! Catch chickens on your head, eat sushi off naked women, brave your nuts in a ladyboy bar

Barcelona, Spain

Spanish beers await in the sizzling sun in Barcelona, a beachfront city full of hot women, great bars and even its own Amsterdam-style sex club if you dare!

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is famously known for the Americans get away for spring break, where thousands of fit, funny and f***able american girls party

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is one top stag. Go gaga on Guinness in your final days of freedom partying in the Emerald Isle before going up the aisle!

Ibiza, Spain

Simply the best clubbing destination in the world. Ibiza is addictive and once you’ve been once, you’ll keep coming back for more and more

Kavos, Greece

For those of you that manage to see the daylight, there are booze cruises, paint parties and beach five-a-side football to keep you busy.

Las Vegas
Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps! Arguably the adult playground of the world and where anything goes. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


Welcome to Maga - the king of lads holiday destinations with a naughty reputation... And here's why we love it!

Malia, Crete

If you’ve never been on a lads holiday before, then Malia is a good place to start. Stoney beaches aren’t great, but the women make up for it.

New York City
New York City

The home of Sex and the City...and the birthplace of Man Versus Food's Adam Richman. Shopping for her, burgers and three-inch deep pizzas for you

Paris, France

Sip champagne, scoff croissants and dine on the world's finest steaks in one the most romantic cities in the world whilst scaling the Eiffel Tower

Prague, Czech Republic

Popular stag location where prostitution is legal, beer is cheap & strip clubs are everywhere. Has a lovely Christmas market for more ho ho hos than hoe hoe hoes

Reykjavik, Iceland

So much more than just Northern Lights. From relaxing in geothermal spas to riding down a glacier in a high-speed snowmobile.

Riga, Latvia

Stag party magnet of cheap booze and hot Latvian women. Ride an bobsleigh, shoot an AK-47 or even relax at the beach before hitting the city hard.

Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is Bulgaria's biggest holiday resort where the sun is hot and the tunes are sicker than lightweight after their first fish bowl

Tenerife, Canaries

If you've matured and outgrown the likes of Maga and Malia, then Tenerife might be for you. Tons of nightlife, and the weather's great all year round

Zante, Greece

If you and the boys are looking to book your first lads holiday, then the chances are the Greek island of Zante will be right up your street