If you want to up your game and look as attractive as possible, mastering your dress-code is crucial.

I see far too many good looking blokes ruin their complete image because of their poor style choices.

Whether that’s cheap, copycat of baggy chinos – if you’re guilty of any of the below, you need to take action… today!




1. The homemade tee-shirt tank — no sides and a big baggy mess. You look like you have boobies (instead of pecs) and your shoulders look narrow.

2. Too many buttons — how much man cleavage are you exposing? If none, unbutton and expose a little.

3. Sloppy sleeve roll — women find men’s forearms sexy. Check-out how Alpha demonstrates how to properly roll your sleeves.

4. Improper partial tuck — you need to lift your shirt and then gently tuck a little tiny bit in where the belt loop is. Then let it drape over. Not dead-center — off-center — is the key.

5. Not rocking a belt with no holes — rock an Anson belt that has no holes because it uses micro-adjustments on their track system. They are timeless, super clean, and sexy. They have endless strap options in leather, suede, and fabric. Alpha absolutely loves his camo fabric belt — as well as the blue & red fabric stripe. All Anson buckles are interchangeable — it’s simple to change out! Buckles range from black, steel, gunmetal, silver, gold, shiny, and brushed. Grab a box set for the best deal.

6. Rocking shades inside — you look like a douche.

7. Buying cheap shoes — there are affordable options but save your money for a pair of $150 of Johnson Murphy (they are much better in terms of quality so they look better and last longer).

8. Not tying your shoe properly — Alpha demonstrates so the bow lies cleanly over your shoe and doesn’t loosen up.

9. Sports shirts — super tight (aka sausage looking).